HDCam SR Services

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USA Dubs has the capability to provide all post and duplication services to and from HDCAM SR in NTSC, PAL, and HD.

HDCam SR Services include:

  • HDCam SR Dubs /Dubbing/ Duplication
  • HDCam SR Conversions
  • HDCam SR Transfers
  • Digitize HDCAM SR
  • HDCAM SR to and from Hard Drive
  • HDCam SR to all HD formats
  • HDCam SR to Blu-ray BD

Digitize HDCAM SR :
Digitizing Services FTP, Mobile, TV and Web Advertisement.

Every order is assessed for efficient production and high quality to meet our high standards, and is available with:

  • QC of your master.
  • Inspection of all key materials.
  • Specialized equipment that monitors audio and video levels.