Captions for the deaf or hard of hearing

Captions for people with hearing difficulties (commonly referred to as Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing (SDH), are shown in the content’s original language. They display information such as music, dialogue, speaker identification, sound effects and more. To learn more about subtitles, click here.

In addition to being used for those who are hard of hearing, SDH are used in public places such as airports, sports bars and other places where TV volume might be muted.

The difference between SDH and standard CC is in the way words are formatted and displayed on the screen. Closed captioning is displayed as white text against a black background, while SDH is formatted as text with contrasting outlines. It is worth noting that HD formats such as Blu-Ray discs only use SDH subtitles as they are unable to support the format needed for closed captions.

USA Dubs provides turnkey solutions for any video project. Our experienced transcribers and authors are a trusted resource for any company that needs subtitling or closed captioning. We have nearly 30 years of experience in this process and apply a trusted quality control methodology to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

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