There are a few types of closed captioning, and we can help you understand which is the best method for adding captions to your videos.

Pop-on Center

Pop-on Center is usually used for entertainment shows (reality/episodic TV, etc.). In this method, speaker IDs are used to recognize who is talking and the captions are displayed in the center of the screen.

Pop-On Placement

Pop-On Placement is used for movies or documentaries. In this premium form of video captioning, the captions appear directly next to the person or character who is talking. You need this option if your video has lower graphics that you wouldn’t want to cover up, or if it has many scenes with multiple people on screen at the same time.


Roll-up is usually used for news, sports events, educational videos and live captioning. It is also suitable for lifestyle shows or reality shows - which tend to have fast patterns of speech. This form of captioning is best for a smaller budget.

Sound Effects / Music notes

You will need sound effects and/or music notes if you are broadcasting a TV show or programming where these features are essential. Note: We can provide you with a caption file or embed the captions to video.

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