What is the difference between direct response ads and infomercials?

There are two types of messages which are specifically designed to sell to consumers.

They are: Short Form & Long Form

Direct response ads generally fall under the category of short form. They can be up to 2 minutes long. Infomercials fall under the category of long form, which last for 28:30 minutes or 58:30 minutes.

What is Paid Programming?

Infomercials are also known as paid programming. On networks and stations, the long form infomercials are aired for almost half an hour or an hour as stand-alone programs. This is called paid programming.

Where can I air my ads/infomercials?

USA Dubs provides customization and digital Ad distribution services in USA, Canada and all international markets.

How fast can deliveries be made for my media buy to stations?

On average, USA Dubs delivers to stations within one to two days.

Should I include closed captioning in my to-be-aired infomercials?

As per Telecommunications Act of 1996, any infomercial greater than 10 minutes should be closed captioned.

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