4K UHD Quality Control (QC) Service

USA Dubs has an extensive technical evaluation process trusted by television networks, production studios, advertising agencies and OTT platforms.

Our quality control measures ensure the highest standards in the industry. Our talented technical staff knows what to look for to ensure that your project will be in compliance and ready for viewing. Our quality control department is capable of digitally receiving and sending full resolution 4K files. We can send your content digitally in its highest quality to its intended destination.

Our QC services include:
  • Technical evaluation of UHD / HD / SD video formats with 5.1 and stereo audio
  • File and tape-based program evaluation
  • UHD evaluation of XAVC / ProResHQ / H.264 / HEVC files up to 60fps
  • Expert Quality Control Technicians
  • 100% editor QC
  • Dolby 5.1+2 audio monitoring system
  • In-house Vidchecker system for automated QC evaluation
  • Evaluation to specific network standards
  • Tektronix Waveform Monitor
  • Digital receive and send long-form full-res masters
  • Stereo/Mono & phase check
  • 5.1 Surround Sound verification
  • Gamut errors check & correction
  • LKFS compliance & correction
  • Title safety check

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