Blu-Ray & DVD authoring & Duplication

Whether you need DVD or HD Blu-Ray Authoring, USA Dubs has you covered. The process is to assemble all of your project files and encode them to the required file formats.

Static or motion menus are created to provide easy access to the content. During the authoring process, the technician connects all program and graphic elements together to provide a seamless viewing experience. Stringent quality control checks ensure that the data is ready for replication. The completed disc master is then burned to optical discs with full color printing, if desired. For larger projects, USA can send the master disc image file over the Internet to a replication plant for high volume disc manufacturing.

Blu-Ray/DVD Authoring options & features:

  • MPEG-2 encoding for DVD and H.264 HD encoding for Blu-ray
  • Multi-pass picture encoding with pulldown removal on Sonic Solutions encoder
  • File-to-Tape & Tape-to-File conversion of your master program as needed for disc encoding
  • Auto loop, auto play or generic play button
  • Custom design of still and motion menu screens and overlays
  • Interactive programming
  • CSS and/or Macrovision copy guard protection
  • Parental blocks
  • Multi-angle video
  • Multiple Dolby digital audio tracks (stereo and 5.1 surround mixes or different language versions)
  • 5.1 Surround sound (Blu-Ray)
  • Video color correction if needed before encoding program master
  • Subtitling Read More
  • Closed Captioned DVD Read More
  • Closed Captioned Blu-Ray
  • Region Coding
  • Asset Assembly
  • Final proofing & testing
  • Duplication, Replication and Distribution

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