Post Production Services

post production servicesYou finally wrapped production on that big TV project you’ve been working on and are ready to share it with the world.


But now what? How do you complete post-production and get your masterpiece on screens for viewing worldwide?

The team at USA Dubs offers you many years of industry experience providing a comprehensive range of post-production services including editing & finishing, closed captioning & subtitling, quality control and distribution.

Our editors, authors and technicians use state-of-the-art technology to complete your project in a timely manner with the required technical specifications. Our broad range of services will make the post-production process seem almost effortless.

Why Us?

✔ Outstanding client services
✔ Latest technology
✔ Award winning professionals
✔ Affordable rates
✔ Quality conversion which exceeds industry standards

Our services:


Our pricing is dependent upon your individual criteria and project scope. Please contact our friendly support team, who will provide you with the most accurate and affordable estimate based on your specific needs.

USA Dubs offers the most premier hands-on service in the industry, at rates that companies of all sizes find affordable. As with all of our work, we ensure your satisfaction at every step and don’t consider the project complete unless you see the desired results.
We work on many different types of projects and are experts at outlining the appropriate costs that will allow you to stay within budget.

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