Subtitling Formats

USA Dubs works with numerous subtitling and video formats. Our subtitles comply with client-specific and industry guidelines, giving you high quality subtitles at all times.

Common Subtitling formats

Subtitling formats include SRT, VTT (WebVTT), STL, TTML, CAP, LAMBDACAP, MCC, QT.TXT, DFXP, TXT, EBU.STL and SCC

LambdaCAP: used mainly for Japanese subtitles. SRT (SubRip Subtitling): Text file that does not contain video data

VTT (WebVTT ): 'web video text tracks' ; accommodates for text formatting, rendering options and positioning.

TTML: 'Timed Text Mark-up Language'; used for TV content re-purposed for the web.

CAP: used in video editing systems. It is widely used for encoding and broadcast media. SCC: used for closed captioning and subtitling for iPhones, iPads, iPods and iTunes.

Other file formats: MacCaption (.mcc), Quick Timed Text (.qt.txt), DFXP (.dfxp), Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt).

Embedding Subtitles to a Video File

At USA Dubs, we have a team of experts who will help you with the subtitling process from start to finish. This includes burning subtitles to the video file or giving you a sidecar file which you can encode or overlay yourself. We work diligently and employ flexibility to accommodate all of your subtitling and captioning needs.

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