What file formats can be transcribed?

USA Dubs employs expert linguists, special tools and equipment for uploading and transcribing from audio or audio from video. We can leverage a URL (such as YouTube), or the video file directly. We are able to work with a varied range of file formats to make it easier for you to upload materials. We’ve worked with .mp4, .video, .mov, and .avi. Just ask us about your file format, and we can make it work!

Do I need a professional for transcription?

You can always try to handle your own video transcriptions. However, it can be a complex and time consuming process. Chances are, your employees are not properly trained in professional transcription, and you might get a poor quality transcription that cost you at least one day (and likely more) of labor.

Why Are Board Meeting Transcription Services Necessary?

Board meetings are where decisions get made. Smaller companies may hold a board meeting quarterly, or even less. Larger corporations, however, are likely to gather the board of directors together at least once per month, or more frequently if there are issues or policies that need to be discussed. No matter how often you hold board meetings, it is critical for your company that accurate records of the meeting are maintained.

A board of directors guides the company with advice and leadership. As important as these meetings are, it isn’t always easy to transcribe board meetings when there is a lot of extraneous background noise. Additionally, an in-house employee who is not properly trained may have difficulty making sense of what has been said, in a timely manner. For these reasons, USA Dubs is an ideal transcription partner for board meetings of any size. Our combination of speed, accuracy and investment is unrivaled.

Why Do You Need A Consumer Forum Transcription?

A detailed transcription provides accurate account of discussions as compared to recording the main points. Our clients often tell us that while difficult decisions are being made, it’s helpful to have a detailed record of what was said in case of a subsequent disagreement.

What are the different types of deposition transcription?

There are four types of deposition transcription. They are:
• Chart summary deposition • Customized depositions • Page by page deposition • Topic summary deposition

In Chart Summary deposition, the content is provided in continuous style. The Topic Summary deposition is useful in identifying subject matter quickly. We customize transcription styles depending on your requirements.

Can your transcriptions handle multiple speakers?

Yes! Our highly trained experts can discern between speakers and we can accurately transcribe multiple sources in one file.

What if the audio I need transcribed is in poor quality?

The highest quality transcription is available when the audio provided is clear. An ideal situation is limited background noise or overlapping speech. In extreme cases where we need to work harder to clean up the audio, we will let you know that your timeframe might be affected. Either way - we’ll do our best to meet your needs, in the timeframe you request.

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