Why you need transcription?

A detailed transcript provides an accurate account of discussions as compared to recording the main points. Our clients often tell us that while difficult decisions are being made, it helps to have a detailed record of what was said in the event of a disagreement or discrepancy.

Editing foreign language transcripts
Foreign language audio/video content that is translated and transcripted with time codes simplifies the editing process locally.

Online visibility
A transcript will make your content more searchable, helping you to rank better in search engine results and allowing viewers to find accurate content based on their search.

In today’s digital world, content is king. The world of video content presents tremendous opportunities for marketers, producers, and distributors. However, it is critical to make sure your audience can find your content. One key tool for doing so is using transcription to generate searchable text that allows users to find your material using common search engines.

Creating corporate transcripts
Most companies have several reports that need to be generated for various purposes (i.e. legal, financial). Having these reports transcribed saves a lot of time and money.

Corporate reports can predict trends and help executives make better decisions to control expenditures, increase profits and track progress towards various goals. Reviewing reports on a frequent or even daily basis can make it easier to make adjustments quickly when needed.

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