How do you select your translators? Are they professionally trained?

We use only professional translators who are officially trained and experts in cultural nuances and grammar in their native tongue. We also put our translators through rigorous testing. For each project, we carefully review our qualified translators and choose the person who will be the right fit for the job at hand.

What is a standard turnaround time? Do you take rush projects?

Our goal is to work within even the most rigid timeframes. Let us know your deadlines and we will work around them!
The time required to finish a project is based on each company’s requirements, including language requirements, deadlines, amount of text, and the level of technicality in the subject matter. We consider each client’s unique requests when committing to deadlines, but we do our best to meet even the most aggressive timelines.

How do I know my documents and data are secure?

We understand that many industries require confidentiality and security in dealing with all content or customer data. USA Dubs makes it a point to understand current regulations and we take the precautions necessary to remain compliant. We also have the right technical tools to prevent data breaches and back up secure documents. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and we have earned the trust of several high-profile clients.

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